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Delving Deeper into Craiova's Culinary Delights: A Tour of 10 Distinguished Eateries

Imagine dining in an aristocratic setting where history meets modern luxury. The Manor offers just that, with its refined steak and seafood menu. Guests can indulge in exquisite dishes while surrounded by decor that speaks of grandeur and elegance. The menu is a testament to culinary excellence, with prices reflecting the premium experience.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Address: Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard, Craiova

Schedule: 10 - 23:30

Phone: 0770 975 350


2. Craft

Craft is a contemporary sanctuary for seafood lovers, where the ambiance is as meticulously curated as the menu. It's a place where each bite of their famed ribs tells a story of flavor and craft. With a price range that balances quality and value, Craft stands out as a beacon of modern dining.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Address: 12 Eugeniu Carada Street, Craiova 200290


Monday-Thursday 09:00-01:00

Saturday 10:00-01:00

Sunday 09:00-01:00



At Pizzeria Ibiza, the warmth of Italy is baked into every pizza. The ambiance is unpretentiously charming, with an aroma of fresh ingredients lingering in the air. Pricing is accessible, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to savor authentic Italian pizza without a hefty bill.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Schedule: Non-Stop

Telephone: 0251 315 701


Nestled near the serene Romanescu Park, al’Zaatar is a jewel of Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine. The ambiance reflects the rich tapestry of the Middle East, with intricate decor and a warm, inviting atmosphere. The prices are a pleasant surprise, offering a taste of exotic lands without the need for a lavish budget.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Schedule : Monday-Sunday 12:00-23:00

Telephone: 0727 813 681


Intimacy and warmth pervade Artizan35, a locale that feels like a European bistro tucked away on a quiet street. Here, international dishes are crafted with care, offering a taste that’s both familiar and intriguing. The pricing is as comforting as the ambiance, making it a favorite for those who seek a culinary adventure close to home.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Adress: Strada Împăratul Traian 35, Craiova 200399


Monday-Thursday : 09:00–00:00

Friday : 09:00–01:00

Saturday : 10:00–01:00

Sunday : 10:00–00:00

Telephone: 0757 888 844


Iberico is a slice of Spain in the heart of Craiova’s old town. Its ambiance bursts with the energy of a Madrid tapas bar, where each dish is a celebration of Spanish zest for life. The prices are as lively as the experience, allowing diners to immerse themselves fully in the Iberian spirit.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Adress: Strada Romain Rolland 13, Craiova 200389

Schedule: Monday-Sunday : 10:00-00:00

Telephone: 0786 331 402


A favorite among the city’s youth, Big Ben’s terrace is a blend of laid-back charm and spirited ambiance. It’s a place where the food and the vibe are perfectly aligned, offering a European menu that’s both satisfying and budget-friendly.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Adress: Strada Mircea Vodă 1, Craiova 200589


Monday-Saturday : 10:00-00:00

Friday : 10:00-01:00

Telephone: 0786 331 401


Imagine a quaint Italian trattoria, its tables laden with the freshest seafood and Italian classics. Il Calcio’s decor is a warm embrace of Italian hospitality, with pricing that respects the craftsmanship of its cuisine.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout

Adress: Strada Alexandru Macedonski nr. 51, Craiova 200383

Schedule: L-D : 10:30-00:00

Telephone: 0771 232 297


Epoca is where culinary finesse meets the sophistication of a bygone era. With a decor reminiscent of exclusive gentleman’s clubs, it offers a steak and wine experience that’s unparalleled. The prices, while premium, are a fair trade for the exclusivity and culinary excellence provided.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Adress: Strada Alexandru Macedonski 51, Craiova 200240


Monday-Saturday: 11:30-23:00

Sunday: 11:30-23:30

Telephone: 0725 059 333


Casa Ghincea is a heartfelt ode to Romanian tradition. The decor is a patchwork of local history and culture, and the menu offers Eastern European dishes that are both soulful and reasonably priced. It’s a dining experience that’s as authentic as it is accessible.

Service Options: Dining · Takeout · Delivery

Adress: Strada Madona Dudu 31, Craiova 200409


Monday-Friday : 10:00-00:30

Saturday-Sunday : 11:00-00:30

Telephone: 0769 920 410


This expanded portrayal of each establishment is designed to capture the imagination of the reader and provide a sensory preview of what they might expect when visiting these culinary destinations.

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