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Fountains of Craiova

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Musical fountain

The Musical fountain is a place that brings people together to enjoy a spectacle of classic music and water. It's one of the biggest attractions in the summer time, and it is quite spectacular. But if you visit it on Winter time, don't worry- it becomes an ice rink, and ice skating is a nice way to spend a part of your holiday, don't you think? It is situated right in front of the Mercur Centre, in the Mihai Viteazul Square.


Ciuperca "Mushroom" Fountain

On the old spot of the artisanal fountain “The Mushroom “ , in 2006, there was built the actual fountain with heights and lights games, across the Stirbei Voda boulevard, at the intersection of it and the May 1st boulevard. The fountain has 8 central water jets, that measure up to 20 metres in height, and 80 marginal jets, which, at night, are illuminated in 15 colours and shades, freshening the air and offering the intersection a more festive and luminous look.


The fountain from the Unity Square

In the middle of the Square, until the 80s, there was buit a fountain named “The Red Fountan". The Architect Petre Falcan projected a new form of the fountain, the actual one, the black marble offering it a more refined look, and the water jets go high, in a heights and lights game. Situated near the old building of the Medicine University, The Military Centre of Craiova and the Marin Sorescu Arts Highschool.


The fountain from English Park

Placed in the middle of the park, projected around the year 1970 by the French architect Emile Pinard, this fountain entertains us to this day with her water and lights games, the water keeping the memory of all the phases the fountain has been through since the inauguration to the present day intact.

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