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  • Raluca Guran

The Old Town

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we , as humans , are linked to the past in the deepest, most meaningful way. Seeing things that remind us how the world used to be, who we used to be, this simple action -seeing, brings back memories -and this is how the Old Town of Craiova became a concept. It was designed to bring back the style and the architecture of the past, the old buildings harmonizing perfectly with the newly built ones. The Old Town has little wonders for every type of civilians and tourists -from the bars and clubs that may interest the young, to the peaceful cafes designed for the old, it is a great place to socialise and actually see how different and how alike the generations are in the same time. You can walk through the paved streets or sit on the pretty benches or feed the pigeons, or enjoy the art expositions and the food and music festivals . There is nothing you can't do here, and the atmosphere is quite fascinating. But what can you actually visist here? You will find out if you continue exploring our site.


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