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Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Equestrian statue of Michael the Brave

Parcul Prefecturii, Calea Unirii, Craiova, Romania

The idea of a statue in Craiova of the great voivod dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the Craiovians had to wait many years to see the current statue, after spending many years in the courtyard of the Museum of Art, for various reasons. The statue was brought to Craiova in 1974, but was dismantled until 1990 when it was erected in the city centre.


The statue of Charles I

Strada Ion Maiorescu 2, Craiova 200418, România

The bronze statue, the work of sculptor Mircea Spataru, was placed in front of the high school building bearing the name of Charles I in December 2007.


Buzesti Brothers Monument

Bulevardul Știrbei Vodă, Craiova, Romania

The monument "Buzesti Brothers", the work of sculptor Boris Caragea, is located near the Bania House, facing the National College "Buzesti Brothers". The statuary group portrays the Buzescu, Preda, Stroe and Radu brothers. The Buzeşti brothers were some of the most representative historical Oltenian figures of the late 16th – early 17th century.


The statue of Alexandru Ioan Cuza

Strada Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Craiova 200585, România

The statue of Alexandru Ioan Cuza was executed in 1912 by the Italian sculptor Raffaello Romanelli. The sculptor cast two bronze copies of the statue of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, one of which was brought to Craiova in 1912. The statue represents the ruler standing, straight, with the sword held with both hands.


Bust of Ioan Maiorescu

Strada Ion Maiorescu, Craiova, Romania

The bust of Ioan Maiorescu was entrusted to the sculptor Ion Iordănescu. The work was completed in 1911, and the inauguration took place on January 7, 1913. The bust is made of bronze, and the socket is made of stone. From the rock forming the socket comes a man's torso (symbol of time) and with both arms wraps with a curtain the shoulders of the bust.


Statue of Nicolae Romanescu

Bulevardul Nicolae Romanescu 6, Craiova 200738, România

The statue was erected in memory of Nicolae Romanescu, former mayor of Bania in 1898, 1901-1916, 1929. He was one of the most emblematic figures of the city and contributed to the development of Craiova at the beginning of the 20th century. Mayor Nicolae Romanescu was a descendant of an old boyar family, and in 1883 he was the municipal councillor of Craiova.


Bust of Nicolae Romanescu

Parcul Nicolae Romanescu, Bulevardul Nicolae Romanescu 1A, Craiova 200738, România

In 1943, as a tribute to the man who was closely involved in the construction of the Romanescu park, a bust of N. Romanescu was erected at the main entrance.

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