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Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Marin Sorescu National Theatre

11 Alexandru Ioan Cuza Street, Craiova 200585, Romania

Phone contact: 0251413677


The Marin Sorescu Craiova National Theatre is one of the most famous and important public cultural institutions. With a 169-year history, awarded over time on all the meridians of the world, it is present among the major international theatres, with which he participated in the most important festivals. An important moment in the recent history of our theatre is the founding of the International Shakespeare Festival in 1994.


Romanian Opera

Mihai Viteazul Street 7, Craiova 200418, Romania

Phone contact: 0351442471 | 0351405496, e-mail:

The opera Romanian Craiova (formerly known as the Opera and Opera Theatre "Elena Teodorini" Craiova or the Lyric Theatre "Elena Teodorini" Craiova) is a public institution of culture that entered Craiova due to the commercial relations of the city. 1850 is the year in which a permanent theatre was established. Between 1893 and 1895, the building of Carol I High School was erected where the National was active. They burned in August 1927 in a fire, and they were later rebuilt.


"Colibri" Children's Theater

Calea Bucuresti 56, Craiova 200515, Romania

Phone contact: 0251416323


The Colibri Children's and Youth Theatre is a public performance institution established in 1949 as the Puppet Theatre section of the National Theatre, becoming autonomous in 1956. It is a repertory institution, with 20 permanent performances, from Romanian and universal literature. Project dynamics, the balance between tradition and innovation, openness to audiences of all ages, visibility in the community, respect for puppet theatre and its stories define the present of the Hummingbird Theatre.


Oltenia Philharmonic

Calea Unirii 16, Craiova 200585, Romania

Phone contact: +40-251-412.334, e-mail:

A prestigious institution in the Romanian musical landscape, the "Oltenia" Philharmonic in Craiova was founded in 1904. More than 80 professional instrumentalists form the Symphony Orchestra. The Academic Coral of the Philharmonic is one of the most valuable artistic collectives in the country, created in 1953.


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